Have you ever seen entrepeuners your age destroying it on social media and think “I wish I knew how to do what they do”? This article is for you.

Social media is the secret to success. Being able to contact other sucessful people to ask for tips or advice is invaluable.

According to Fortune Magazine, businesses cannot exist without social media. Only knowing how to use social media isn’t good enough. You should be killing it on social media. Your business and personal brand will thrive because of social media and will die without it.

① Make friends, not connections

Do not act like you only added someone on LinkedIn to increase your professional network. Try to become friends with them instead.

A connection is just someone that acknowledges you exist at the best of times. Normally it’s when someone randomly connects with someone on LinkedIn to “increase their network”.

Connections are meaningless. If you wanted a job at a company and you have a connection there, asking them to help you likely won’t work as they won’t know you.

If you are friends with this person however, you are kind, generous and have helped them they are more likely to help you get the job.

Friendships formed over social media are worth 100 times more than a simple connection to someone.

This brings us into the second point, you need to care about them in order for them to care about you.

One of the first rules of Dale Carniege’s book “How to win friends and influence people” states:

Become genuinely interested in other people

If you don’t care about or celebrate someones achievements when it is time for you to celebrate your achievements they likely won’t care.

Not too long ago when I got into university I posted about it on social media. No one cared because I didn’t care about their achievements. Now I regularly celebrate my friends achievements, small or big because I care about them and they celebrate mine.

People will only care about you if you care about them.

② Act more humanBoston Dynamics robot attempts to pick up a box. Box is pushed out of hands and robot is pushed away.

The ultimate social media stratergy isn’t to schedule posts that go off every hour of the day. To try to get the attention of everyone at every hour.

It also isn’t to mass-follow every single person in sight or like every single post on a particular hashtag.

Social media is becoming smarter and with that they have begun to punish people who act robotic.

I used to mass-follow everyone on a certain hashtag and like every post I saw. Although my follower count exploded the likes I received per post did not.

I unfollowed everyone I robotically followed. I started following real people that I knew. I started liking, replying and tagging my friends in posts they’ll love. The results?

Going from this:

4.3k impressions over 61 days on Twitter

To this:

22.8k impressions over the last 28 days on Twitter

According to Entrepreneur.com being human on social media is the best stratergy you’ll ever have.

At the end of the day, you get out what you put in.

If you put in love, kindness and genuine interest into people on social media you’ll receive that back. That’s the secret sauce that these people are using. There isn’t a “The solution is using this app” magic recipe.

③ Patience

You can’t expect to make to make one viral post and for your social media account to blow up.

Building your following takes time and dedication.

It does not happen over night.

It’s the same with building an audience on Medium. Some people create their first post and it has thousands of likes. If you look at their profile you’ll notice something. Despite having 30,000 claps their follower count hasn’t increased all that much.

As Dave Schools wrote in this article the difference between developing a cult following and being famous for 7 minutes is the backlog of work you’ve put in.

Two YouTubers can experience sudden virality hitting the trending page overnight.

One of them has a backlog of work. They've worked in the shadows for years. They've released around 300 videos with little to no views. The other YouTuber hasn't released videos before. They hit virality over a singular video.

The YouTuber that had a backlog of work came out on top. The second YouTuber tried to recreate their virality but it never worked out.

Once you go viral people will check your site to see if you have other matieral. If you do they'll spend time paying attention to you and even follow you.

As author Shane Snow wrote in his book Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success:

“The secret to harnessing momentum is to build up potential energy, so that unexpected opportunities can be amplified. …Backlogs become reservoirs, ready to become torrents as soon as the dam is removed.”

Key takeaways

Try acting more human on social media. Social media sites punish users who use robotic techniques to gain followers.

Treat others like how you want to be treated. Make friends, not connections.

In the end, you get out what you put in. If you put in hard work, love, kindness and more the social media giants will reward you.

Social media requires you to be social.

Make sure to be patient. Not everyone becomes an overnight sensation. Most people work tirelessly to get there.

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