As a diverse team of students, at the University of Liverpool, from China, United Kingdom and Ukraine, we are engaging with the local community and enhancing safety for residents. Our idea is to develop an app to determine the ‘safest’ route from your location to where you want to be.  In Liverpool there is a lot of crimes committed to people walking from once place to another. Examples of crimes which occur commonly are mugging or anti-social behavior induced violence.

We’re doing this because the statistics show that our area is one of the cities in the UK with the highest rates of crime.

The core principle of the app is to be easy to use, for everyone. Discrimination is a large part of crime, so our app needs to be used by people who do not speak English as a first language. Ease of use isn’t just a usability feature, it is a requirement.

We’ll use the Open Maps API along with the UK police API to create a map of crime in Liverpool. To determine the route through Liverpool we will use artificial intelligence.

Due to the police cuts in recent years, 76% of reported crime is not acted upon, not to mention the friction involved in reporting a crime. Once a crime has been reported the police expect you to stay on the scene until they arrive. In our busy world, rarely is it possible for someone to take the time out of their schedules to wait for the police, when such waits can be up to half an hour for non-serious crimes. It is better to try and prevent the crime occurring in the first place.

Users will be able to report problems and issues that the police API cannot report on. Roadworks, broken street lamps or even if they’ve heard gunshots or aggressive behavior. We plan to be the Waze for pedestrians. Eventually, we hope to work with the police to make Liverpool a safer place. The police will be able to see the most dangerous streets (as this changes dynamically night to night) which would allow them to patrol those streets.

The development of this app will benefit Barclays in a number of ways. Barclays’ core value is to give the ability to rise. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that in order to rise, you need to feel safe. We are giving people the opportunity to rise by being safe.

We’re already working on making Liverpool safer. We want Barclays’ help to achieve this in a year, not 5 years.