I’ve been meaning to learn more about personal branding, and Gary Vee  is an inspiration for me. This seemed like the perfect book for me.

Everyone has a personal brand, it’s whether you care or not.

So why is personal branding important? Well, it’s a metter of  survivership. If you’re a bee keeper and you suddenly become allergic to  bees, tough luck. But if you developed a brand around bees, you sell  honey, you have a super cool instagram account over bees you can still  continue to work in that field.

It’s a matter of survival to think beyond your current  successes and constantly look for  ways to create  new ones so that  you’re never limited to any one platform or even one topic.  How do you  do that? By creating a personal brand so powerful it transcends  platforms, products or jobs.

If you’re a barista, your entire life revolves around your job. You  could start an instagram account to show your creations and you’ll be  getting paid way more.

Oprah was not just a talk show host. The rock is not just  a wrestler. A strong personal brand is your ticket to complete personal  and profesional freedom.

When you have a strong personal brand, you have freedom. Your job  laid you off? Just post a simple instagram and you’ll get a new one  quickly.

What usually hamstrings entreprenuers isn’t merely the  mistakes they make when executing their vision, but the mistakes they  make before they even get started

Don’t think you can’t do something until you haven’t tried to do it.

In business, the how matters, of course, but the why matters just as much. Maybe even more.

Don’t sell your self out so easily. A stinky promotion or a sucky  product will make you lose your customers trust, which is worth more  than anything anyone can offer you.

I can’t stand it when people are like “passion, passion,  passion”. It’s so much more than passion. Execute. I see a lot of people  in my generation talking about ideas and saying what they’re going to  do. I hate talking about what I’m going to do. I don’t think I talked  about my business once for the whole year I was building it until It was  here.

Saying you want to do something isn’t good enough. Do it.

Always put your money back into your business

This reminds me of the compounding effect. Your money can’t grow if  you never put it back in, your business can never grow if you don’t  reinvest into it.

The biggest mistake I see influencers make is, they’ll  work with every brand on the planet. It’s all about how many brands can  they work with, not about the audience, not about the readership. I see  no longevity there. I’m more focused on building my own brand than other  people’s brands.

Your audience matters a lot, stop feeding them shit.

I continue to turn down brands every single day, even offers of £10,000 to £15,000 to collaborate for a single blog post

Again, they can offer you £60,000 for one blog post but if it’s shit and you’re  betraying your audience it isn’t worth it.

You need passion for this. There is not point in being an  entreprenuer without pasion. There’s much easier ways to make money than  this if you don’t care, and only care about the money.

There’s going to be times when you make nothing for years, and that’s  the harsh reality. passion is what’s going to push you through the hard  times, what’s going to prevent you from quitting.

Passion is your backup generator when all your other energy sources start to splutter

Passion powers everything.

Remember, you’re only crushing it if you’re living  entirely on your own terms. It’s not impossible to make bank when you  build a business with the sole goal of getting rich, but very often  entreprenuers who get rich quickly sacrifice their chances for wealth in  the long time.

It may look like you’ll make more money right now, but trust in the  process. You’ll build wealth in the future by doing stuff you love.

Most worked their assess off for years before anyone knew who they were

!!!! It’s fine to not be known now, carry on working!

I love losing because I learn so much from it./

Being unafraid of making mistakes makes everything easy for me. Not  worrying about what people think frees you to do things, and doing  things allows you to win or learn from your loss – which means you win  either way. Hear me now: you are better off being wrong ten times and  being right three then you are if youy only try three times and always  get it right.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, you need to make them in order to succeed!

When you first start out, there is no time for leisure – if you want to crush it.

Your only prayer to one day live the Crush it! life, therefore, is to  deploy ungodly amounts of work from seven pm to two am, monday through  friday, plus all day saturday and sundays. Ideally your business will be  what you do for relaxation.

But please, if you’re not willing to do the grind, for God’s sake, do  not complain when your business doesjn’t grow as fast or as big as you  want it to.

The truth is that you can’t do it all, so you’re going to have to  make choices. Be practical, raising your self awarenessand suffocating  any self-delusion is a cruical piece of keeping you on the path to  success, however you define it. Crushing it follows the rules of  thermodynamics. The more energy you put into something, the more energy  will come out.

Don’t become so comfortable on one platform that you don’t take the time to develop solid skills on the others.

reply to the negative comments

You need to learn to use the newest social media sites like music.ily.


This social network is most popular amongst tweens. The idea of  including this network is for you to understand that social networks  change all the time, and you have to be where the audience is at.

The people who are killing it on YouTube are the people who got on  the platform when no one else would. You need to do that, even if the  platform seems silly at the time you need to be on the platform.