A short guide to going to university as a disabled student in the UK.

Get in touch with the support team!

The support team at university should be your first port of call, they will be able to help you through every process you encounter and any problems you have!

Arrange to see the university beforehand

Many disabled people may feel uneasy about going to a brand new place without seeing it first, or they may have accessibility problems on campus. By visiting the university before hand (Usually at an open day) you can figure out any problems / get used to it!

Take breaks

Make sure to take regular breaks throughout the year with self-care days, university is really stressful and for disabeld people the stress may be even more!

Disabled Students Allowance

The Disabled Students Allowance is there to pay for any extra course needs which may not be covered by your student loan!

Take proof of disabillity with you

The university or other companies may require proof of a disability from you, it’s always a good idea to bring some forms along!

Don’t let your disabillity stop you!

Many disabled people have achieved in Higher Education, do not let your disability stop you!