This post will be about my experience at Hack Sheffield 3.0 and hackathons in general, expect alot of pictures!

The train ride there is always the least fun part. Having to wake up at 5am to get a 6am train just to be on time!

The free shirts are always one of the best things about a hackathon!!!

This is an important step in any hackathon, deciding upon the API’s to use and what soft of application you want to create.

Our application aggregated data from SkyBets to allow the user to input the amount of money they would like to gamble and for our application to choose safe bets to automatically generate the user money. On top of this, the application used the profits earnt from SkyBets to find flights from the users home city at the cheapest possible prices, essentially safely gambling your way to free holidays.

Created using Node.js, Python, Angular, Shell Script, AWS, Docker, SkyScanner API and manually scraping the SkyBets Itallian website with Requests and Beautiful soup.

We went on a short walk to Tesco, Sheffield is so pretty.

The Hack Sheffield 3.0 team relaxing on beanbags!

It’s tradition to run a game of Warewolves at hackathons in the UK, this game was simply amazing being run by the Github education team!

Midnight pizza is an essential part of any hackathon! At around this time we finished the SkyBets side of our application and we were deploying an SSL website through AWS, unfortunately AWS was a bit iffy at the time but it worked!

Competition time! It was a science fair-esque judging ceremony were people came over to our table and we had to explain our app in 2 minutes!

Our project on the table, we worked very hard to make it look nice!

Someone tweeted about our project, how my friend built an enterprise level AWS setup for our single page application.

Sheffield is really beautiful!

My team and I won an award for our work at Hack Sheffield 3.0. My friend took this photo, so it’s not the best!

That’s the end of this mini-blog post on Hack Sheffield 3.0, I can’t wait for my next hackathon!