5 years ago I set out dreams. Dreams that were impossible. And I’ve achieved them. But now what?

I’m in a rut.

I’m stuck.

I have no motivation to do anything because… I’ve done everything.

The obvious answer is to create more goals.

But the previous goals were such a cornerstorn of my life.

How do you just create something?

These goals were tangible.

Get into a university.

Get an amazing job.

Have great friends.

All things that I could touch and feel and do.

Tangiable goals suck because they are achieveable. Once you’ve achieved them, then what?

Charles Dickens drove himself too hard to enjoy the spoils of his work. Maybe it’s time I take a step back and really appreciate what I’ve got in life.

Intangiable goals are intangiable. They’re dreams. Dreams are just goals that have no real measure. “Change the world” but no matter how much you’ve made the world a better place, you could always make it better.

These dreams don’t get easier. It’s like riding a bike. If you ride a bike every single day for a year, it doesn’t get easier — you just get faster.

To be able to set new challenging goals is in itself a goal and a challenge. What do I want now? What do I hope to achieve? What’s going to drive me over the next couple of years?

Of course I still have out of this world wacky dreams. Everybody does.

Maybe the key is to break down these dreams into as many small problems as possible. Tangiable problems that you can set your sights on, that you can see at the end of the tunnel.

To dream about changing the world is too broad, where do you start?

It’s better to understand exactly where to start, no matter how small and achieve that small achievement.

Break your dreams into smaller, more achieveable goals and the compounding effect will make that impossible dream seem achieveable.

The secret key to being a good programmer is to break a problem down as much as physically possible into such tiny chunks that even the impossible seems extremely easy.

Maybe it’s time we did this to our goals.