You are allowed to reprint anything from my website so long as it follows these rules:

  1. You reprint **parts **of it.
  2. You reprint the entire thing, with my full name and website link for non commercial use.

The knowledge on this website is all public domain, but the formulation of words and images is my own content. If you republish parts, please cite me (you don’t have to). I’m a university student, I don’t have authority in this domain yet so it would mean a lot to me if you did cite me ✨✨😁😁✨✨

If you want to republish my entire article for commercial use, message me. I’ll probably say no if you want me to re-publish it on your website in exchange for ‘more views’ or some cryptocurrency. So far every single request for me to re-publish on another website has been denied. I want this content to be pure, free of advertisements.

One of the core fundamentals of this website is free for everyone, forever. The content will be amazing and unbiased. If you want me to republish on your website, I cannot trust you will add an advert to it or make the article non-free.


Do whatever you want. Please cite me if you can (not required, but it’ll be so nice). If you want me to republish on your website, probably not. If you want to use my content for commercial reasons, get in touch.