What is this?

Name-that-hash is an hash-identifcation system. Hashes are important in cyber security and used everywhere, but there are so many different types.

Attackers often want to know what type of hash something is. A hash-identification system tells you what the hash is.


Hashes are design to look random, so how can we identify which types are which?

There are some indicators. They may have markers such as $6$, they may be of a certain lenght, a certain character set.

In short, we use Regex! We have a database of Regex that matches hashes. Most regex matches multiple-type sof accuracy, so while we cannot get get a 100% accuracy rating we can say for certain that iif it is a hash, it is within a subset of the database (which the user will see).

Given some input, return all the regex that match against it.

Simple, right? Let’s take a look at our competitors thus far.

The competition

Hash-identification is kind of a solved problem. It’s just Regex.

The 2 biggest competitors are HashId and Hash-Identifier.

HashID is the original, last updated in 2011.




The webapp