Ever written some code knowing that it could be faster, but not knowing how to speed it up?

Ever wanted to know how a technology works, Googled it, and came away knowing the same as you started?

Ever wanted to know how a technology really works, but not wanting to read a monotone boring academic paper on it?

I used to have these problems too. I used to Google things and get no where. Okay, so Tor uses onion routing. But what is that !?!?!

Enter: my blog. My blog aims to solve all of these pain points.

Do you want:

  • Actionable insights to 10x your developer game overnight
  • Sweeping overviews of how technologies work, more in-depth than your average article but not as confusing as academic papers
  • Computer science techniques to not only impress your co-workers but to impress yourself

All written by someone with a burning desire to teach computer science? You've come to the right place.

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