Object Orientated isn’t the only paradigm

In my day to day life many people praise Object Orientated Paradigm (OOP) and see it as the only way to go. There are advantages to it, but it isn’t always the best paradigm to use. Use the right tools for the right job.

A programming language is a tool

Your first language will not be the last you know. Always use the correct language for the correct job. Don’t think “I can work around this in Python”. Think “What language will make this easier?”


When you are using an IDE, a little box will come up which shows you auto completion ideas and in some IDE’s it’ll show you problems you can fix before you even compile or run the code. Always use tab to autocomplete long variable or function names and make sure to make good use of the error-checking it provides.

Code is an art form, so read other peoples code

Code is an art form which lets us express ourselves. Just like when painters go to art galleys to gain inspiration and new ideas, coders must look at other peoples code.

Never repeat yourself

If you repeat a line of code or a block of code in your program, you can get rid of it. There is always a way to do it faster and more efficiently. The first step is to understand functions and classes to keep code from being rewritten multiple times.

Learn by doing

The only real way to learn programming is by programming.


Every programmer I know uses Google regularly. Whether this is because you forgot the syntax or how to perform a basic function or you’re experiencing an error. Google is your friend.


Make sure to properly test your code after you make it. Testing is an important part of coding since your code may break unexpectedly when certain input goes in which can be annoying after you thought your program was complete.

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