Seo London’s main goal is, in their own words:

“ Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London prepare talented students from ethnic minority or low socioeconomic backgrounds for career success.”

And that is exactly what they do. They do the hardest part for you, creating a foothole in the side of a cliff to allow disadvantaged people to climb, but you’ve still got to climb up the cliffside to achieve what you want. They can’t do it all for you.

EEP4 is SEO’s Engineering Engagement Programme 4, being the fourth one this year. The programme is split into 2 parts. The first part teaches you employability skills and the second part is networking, which is vital for any budding student or graduate.

I will now delve into what I have learnt at SEO London, some may be obvious, some may not be.

  1. Show an interest

No one cares about you if you don’t care about them

2. Bring your A-Game

Always give 100% in whatever you do

3. Do not throw away your shot

If someone gives you a shot at something, try as hard as you can to achieve it.

4. Think from First Principles

In physics there is a concept called thinking from first principles. You break down a problem into so many small tiny problems that it becomes achieveable if all the little problems could be solved. Elon Musk lives by this.

5. Triage Problems

Deal with the problems that are going to effect you most, first.

6. Talk about your problems

If you are experiencing problems in work, school or university talking about them to a manager or boss or lecturer will help.

7. No one owes you anything

Don’t think that because they said they would do something means they will do it. You have to go out and make it happen yourself.

8. Be polite

No one likes a rude person.

9. Follow up

If you meet someone interesting, follow up as soon as possible before they forget you.

10. Interviews are a two way process

You have to make sure the company is the right company for you.

11. Abillity tests suck

Abillity (apitude) tests are designed to run out of time, don’t stress over the time because you are meant to run out of time.

12. Always have questions at the end of an interview

13. Admit you’re nervous

Interviewers know you’re probably nervous, it’s best to admit this and take a few minutes to compose yourself instead of stumbling through.

14. Enjoy yourself

Interviews aren’t meant to deprive you of joy, enjoy them.

15. Anything you want in life, do it fast.

No one is going to wait around for you. Time moves for all.

16. Keep track of time in presentations

Presenting skills are just as important as any other skill.

17. Have an elevator pitch

You may find that you will need one, one day.

18. Prepare for interviews

Pick out any buzzwords that appear to you in the job description and learn about them.

19. Learn the company

No company cares about someone that doesn’t care about them.

20. Technical interview problems

Make sure to clarify the rules and constraints of technical problems in interviews before diving head in.

21. Tailor made-CVs

Make a new CV for every company you apply for.

22. Help others

This is more of a general life rule than employability rule.

23. Know yourself

Not many people actually know what is on their CV, take a few minutes before an interview to really learn what is on your CV such as dates or names of places.

Of course this list is not a replacement for the whole 2 days. I highly reccomend anyone check out SEO London if you wish to gain full and complete insight alongside industry contacts.