I’m a computer science graduate from a Russel Group university (2020) and now I’m working for TryHackMe.

Some of the things I’m more well known for include:

  • Ciphey, an automated decryption tool. Input encrypted text (hashed, encrypted, encoded, compressed, in an esolang) and Ciphey will use artificial intelligence to automatically decode it within seconds.
  • My work with TryHackMe, which has included roles such as Support Specialist, Lead Subreddit Moderator, Discord Moderator, Bot Developer, Content Creator and more.
  • RustScan The Modern Port Scanner. Can complete entire port scans in less than a second, scripting engine supports Python, Shell and Perl. Featured at Defcon & many other conferences.
  • This blog which has 2.3 million views and has been featured #1 on HackerNews many times. Dev.to distinguished Author, HackerNoon author & more awards.
  • My Newsletter with 6000+ subscribers.
  • The 5 books I have written some being sold in major national booksellers as physical books.
  • My open source work. Other than pentesting, you’ll find me contributing to AI projects such as TL;DR News, Stegkraken and more.
  • Competitive Programming whereby I try to get better at leetcode style questions.

Next up…

  • AWS certs
  • Leetcode all day every day until I can get a £500,000,000 job at Google
  • Continue my work with TryHackMe
  • More awesome pentesting projects