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What articles should I start with?

My most popular articles are:

Learn Functional Python in 10 Minutes
In this article, you’ll learn what the functional paradigm is as well as how to use functional programming in Python. You’ll also learn about list comprehensions and other forms of comprehensions.
Timsort — the fastest sorting algorithm you’ve never heard of
Timsort: A very fast , O(n log n), stable sorting algorithm built for the real world — not constructed in academia.
How Does Tor Really Work? The Definitive Visual Guide (2019)
An introduction to every aspect of how Tor works, from hidden onion addresses to the nodes that make up TOR.

Data structures & Algorithms

What Is Dynamic Programming With Python Examples
Dynamic programming (DP) is breaking down an optimisation problem into smaller sub-problems, and storing the solution to each sub-problems so that each sub-problem is only solved once.
What is a Decision Tree in Machine Learning?
Decision trees, one of the simplest and yet most useful Machine Learning structures. Decision trees, as the name implies, are trees of decisions.

Shorter cool tidbits

An Algorithm for Finding Anagrams
Learn an algorithm for finding anagrams.
Who needs painkillers when you have virtual reality?
Virtual reality, in most cases, can replace pain medication or be used as a sedative.