This article was written in collaboration with Emily. Emily is an artist specialising in Digital Culture and is currently writing for Daily Art Magazine, she also didn’t ask me to write this about her.

She is looking for a job. If you are interested in an amazing artist who understands digital culture and isn’t shy to ask the big questions, please check her out.

The art in this article is from Emily. If your company is even slightly interested in Digital Culture, please consider reaching out to her.


  • When we die, do we really die? We live on in the digital world
  • Facebook accounts
  • Artifical intelligence to replace dead humans
  • Our content lives on. Blog post ,code etc.
  • If we create a chatbot, that chatbot lives past us.
  • What happens to our data when we die?
  • Online personas, fake identities. Hackers often live life under a persona that no one irl knows, when tey die, their persona dies too.
  • 2nd brain
  • online personal wikis
  • Social impact of the person (george floyd) (digital tools make it mroe obviousto more people)
  • When will someone be forgotten? Do we reserve the right to be forgotten? Some people dont have the right to be forgotten(epstein’s crimes came out after he died, and people got even more angry and tried to humilate him. But what about his human rights?)
  • If someone dies, the online communities they were involved in wouldn’t know. They would assume they had given up, that they were lazy?
  • Family doesn’t know about technical details, they won’t know how to tell the online communities they had died
  • San Jumipero (black mirror) is inspired by japans high tech cemeteary
  • Democratiation and digital death. Everyone looks the same, whether they enjoyed privleges or not. Had children or not. You cant judge them o ntheir grvaestojne / location of the gaveyard anymore.

What is digital legacy?

fingerprint / facial recongition details (smartphones)

Crypto currencies, photos (google photos), browsing history, DNA test results, digital family tree

Digital legacy contains info of other people

If I search someone online, they are linked to my browsing history, Privacy issues to tackle

GitHub archive

If we die, and we have an open source project on github, should the contributors continue contributing to a deadmans account?

Deleting digital accounts

“activie euthanasia) as we actively end the digital persons life via a delete button

What we do online is like mirroring what we do in real life, like interacting with a digital clone of ourselves.